Below are links that I am affiliated with. I get commission on these links and they help to keep my work going. Any link that you see here is because I have:

– Read
– Rated

and most importantly feel it is well worth my readers time and best interest. Not every review is going to have an affiliation link. Only what I feel are the best of the best.

TWEET & GROW BIG by Path To Freedom

Reason: Path To Freedom was one of the first people to reach out to me on Twitter and enjoyed my review. I gained his confidence and he gained mine. I have reviewed the basic tier of his E-book package but I feel as though all tiers are well worth the investment due to the creators honest approach. My twitter is even set up based on his advice.

The Affiliates Playbook by Hoke Hustles

Reason: Hoke is a stellar guy and probably one of the first recommended E-books you’ll come across. This was the first E-book I read and I immediately emailed him to thank him for his hard work. I told you Grants compassion shows and I fully believe in him.

How To: Make Money on Twitter by Lion Investor

Reason: Lion Investor reached out to be and was gracious. I talk with him and he is a good person. He reached out to me to affiliate and I am grateful. I chose to endorse his product because I enjoyed the crypto and precious metals passive investing advice in his E-book. I feel those elements give his book a leg up against some others in the same creative space.

Engage Like A King by AyAyron

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