A New Earth


Tolle poses a question on how peace both external and internal start with core belief and principles.  Tolle hypothesis that we ultimately miss our goals and come up short in quest to do or be good, given the fact that human atrocities exist. This book explores ways and methods to aiding in the human condition. Faith, for example is a healing tool but can often be extorted under the guise of peace. Personal agendas are often used in link with religious undertones to give them a sense infallible logic. This can be asserted beyond religion but also in the science and art.

To go beyond this, is to go to the root of our problems: the ego. Considering that the ego is selfish and a major barrier. It prevents us from knowing ourselves and addressing our shortcomings. Essentially the ego is a flaw that prevents us from fixing our flaws. Eckhart feels as though this is the source of our inner turmoil and strife. We keep ourselves from fixing ourselves. The Ego is a perception of overthinking, filling us with “what IF” situations.  The Ego is what helps you store personal slights and problems, making you your own worst victim. With this, we cannot reach our true purpose if we do not meet and rectify this egocentric problem.

Tolle figures that we all have two goals, an inner and outer purpose. These can be stunted by external factories and short sightedness. Broader goals are often best to help us find that inner peace. Tolle wants us to make peace with ourselves, circumstances and situations if able to. Tolle is a big proponent of the power of now and living for the present, making peace with it so that you can improve your mindset for the future. Channeling that mindset and controlling it will allow you to better navigate life.

For those on Money Twitter who are reading this, we know all too well the problems with the ego and the “poor me” mentality that kept a lot of down for so long until we figured that it was time that we did something about it. This book is just that. It gives you the tools and resources to better help yourself in the NOW to overcome the ego and make peace with your given situations. It is an excellent piece and follow up to Tolle’s the Power of Now. I may even like this book more than his previous that I reviewed but if you are looking for self-improvement and getting your life on a different and more productive track, I highly suggest picking this book up and giving it a read through.  

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