The Affiliates Playbook

The Affiliates Playbook by Hoke Hustle

I have seen it a lot. You have seen it a lot. “The Affiliates Playbook” by @Hokehustles. Everyone touts this product as the very thing that has launched their affiliate marketing career and has even inspired me to write this review.
The goal of this product review is to break down what exactly you get before you buy and if it is right for you.

“The Affiliates Playbook” By @Hokehustles

Price: $40.00

What’s inside: 1 intro video, 1 workbook, 2 guides, and 1 video guide.

Overview Thoughts: The first thing that pulls me in is the content. The two guides come in at 54 and 91 pages respectively, not including the workbook. Now that is pure content. Also, the care in which these books are structured tells me how dedicated he is.

The Workbook and Bitly
First, I want to talk about the workbook as it is the simplest. The workbook is a companion to the guides. It allows the reader to break down how you feel about certain things and the lessons contained in the guides. The workbook may be simple but the added value alone cannot be understated. The entire thing is further proof that the creator cares about his product and you as a reader. There is no other reason for this workbook to be here other than the fact that Grant truly cares. It is also something that you can go back to track progress and re-affirm any learned lessons if things may not be going your way down the road.

The Bitly video is just a tutorial on how to use Bitly, not much to explain on that one but is a nice touch by the creator and much appreciated.

The Affiliates Playbook, Book 1

Grant starts off by helping us get over any reservations about life in general, not even Affiliate marketing. He tells us that we can do it; we just need to take that first step. Everything contained in this book is well written and broken down so that first-time users can understand it without flipping back and forth. In this, we learn about the overview of affiliate marketing and how it can benefit us with little risk as well as the Dos and Don’ts of the product. We learn about different affiliate sites, not just Gumroad. The most important part of this book is the last section, lesson 10.

Lesson 10 goes over twitter bios and header. This is meant to catch eyes and draw clicks He even makes a shout out to people who can help with that! Grant is really covering bases and I am here for it!

Affiliates Playbook, Book 2: Money Talks!

First, we got an overview and now we have the real meat and veg of the Playbook bundle. We learn a bit about branding, making tweets that stick, and how to stand out. There are even examples with pictures! That might seem small but is wildly helpful if you’re just starting on Twitter and you’re just starting out into the void on how this all works. Grant truly gives us digestible bits to take in.

Grant is going to tell us about product evaluation and building credibility. So we can already see this isn’t just “here’s how to be an affiliate” it’s how to do it SUCCESSFULLY. There are no smoke and mirrors, just honest truth. I like that. We learn about Gumroad and Bitly next. And truthfully, I had no idea what Bitly was before this book ( spoilers: it shortens URLs.) Thankfully Bitly is free.

Next, it’s about how to be an affiliate and the proper way to ask and how to structure tweets to get clicks and move products. Again, there are pictures and it really helps to sell the point that what we are looking at IS REAL and not snake oil.

Overall, what do I think about The Affiliates Playbook? I think it is a home run for anyone who wants to start getting twitter to work for them. I feel this isn’t just a playbook but a blueprint to success. More importantly, this teaches us how to use twitter in a constructive way and we learn sales skills along the way. Combine the two books with the workbook and the video tutorial and the value is out of this world! I’m sure you’ve seen the affiliate links and promo codes and save some money but for $40.00 it is a worthwhile investment.

Rating: 5/5

Here is an **AFFILIATE** link below and if you pick it up and you enjoyed the product, make sure to tell @Hokehustles and if you found this review helpful, I’m glad I could help you on your journey.

-Affiliate Mindset

Click here for the Affiliated Link:
The Affiliates Playbook by Hoke Hustles


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