TWEET & GROW BIG by Path To Freedom

I think it is appropriate that we take a look at something from the fabled Statue side of twitter. To my knowledge, PTF is growing and gaining traction. This review will cover the basic version of his ebook, to which he has multiple tiers but I will be reviewing the basic edition.

“Tweet & Grow” by Path To Freedom

Basic edition: $35.00.

A true no-nonsense beginner guide to tweeting, creating, and gaining a respectable brand.

A Statue Has a Name.

Meet Dave! He’s 23 as of him writing this ebook. His niche is fitness and wellness. Do you have a niche? If not, it is something that he highly suggests you get. This ebook is honest and personal. It is bare-bones, not in content but in a raw and honest tone. I am a big fan of honesty. It is not presented as an end-all, be-all but rather what he found works and full disclosure I am totally guilty of breaking these rules but because of Tweet and Grow, I have seen the errors in my ways and am atoning for my sins!

I kid but PTF is deadly serious about helping you get your twitter in prime shape to succeed. If you are interested in going further with PTF his other tiers include: Bundle ($45) Upgrade ($55) and Premium($199.)

While I am not reviewing those, they include an added value that I suggest you check out after this review. Tweet & Grow Big is a Do and Don’t of starting Twitter and what pratfalls to avoid. Generic names? Toss them out and get creative. Generic tweets? No sir, think again. It is crystal clear PTF preaches quality over quantity.

It is all common sense things but that does not that they are of less value. I find a lot of value in common sense that a new person can digest and figure out. It is all about branding. Names and niches matter if you want to succeed in monetizing your twitter and be professional.

That is something that stuck with me. PTF suggests Grammarly (which I since put on my browser) to help give your tweets more authority. Here is something he points out and explains: Followers. Follow people you actually want to hear from and not just “follow for follow.” He suggests that it clogs up your feed from the people you want to read and hear from while driving down quality and analytics. That is something I did not understand until I read it. Now it makes perfect sense, thanks Dave.

Dave further preaches the importance of showing up and even automating tweets as well as using Grammarly as I mentioned. Most importantly this all ties into value. That is key and I feel that is what we are getting in this ebook.

From lists and threads to groups and solid tweets and retweets, Tweet & Grow gives an excellent jumping-off point. To round out this book, PTF gives some tips on analytics and social tools. What more could we ask for? This book is common sense value that new people and maybe even some pros might overlook. If you need to start somewhere, rebrand, or just heal up an existing account, Tweet & Grow can certainly help you get there.

If “Tweet &Grow” interests you, here is an **AFFILIATED** link. If you enjoy the book, drop Dave a DM and let him know. If you find this review helpful, awesome, I’m glad. Like, Retweet, comment and let me know.

Rating: 5/5

– Affiliated Minds

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TWEET & GROW BIG by Path To Freedom


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