Twitter Cash Flow

  Twitter Cash Flow by Hero Journey

What you get:
5 books + 5 checklists

Price: $45.00 (Basic Edition), $55 (upgrade), $95 (Premium)

First Impressions:

Stunned and blown away by the value of the basic edition. The “Gumroad” edition has an additional book ($55) and the Premium ($95) comes with a consultation with the creator. None of these books are minor and all could sell for reasonable prices. This is a top to bottom guide on multiple incomes streams to help you make money on twitter.


Let me be honest, the content to price ratio is off the charts. This is five books plus checklists and every book could be considered full length so it will be best to talk about each book individually.


Money Game Plan starts with the Twitter basics; profile creation.  It starts off with picking a niche and how to talk about its subcategories as well as picking a twitter name and how to clean up your twitter profile for maximum attention. There are already whole books on just that one topic but just where this book starts.

Chapter 2 talks about Brand development, building authority, and reaching your audience. We see how to go a few valuable tweets, promotional, and sales tweets to keep our target audience interested. It teaches you what tweets are attractive, what is not, and how to use that to gain more followers. Hero Journey also talks about automation options for your tweets so your profile can stay active without you being on Twitter 24/7 (unless you like that kinda thing.)

Later in the book, we learn about Affiliate Marketing and the pitfalls of rushing an ebook out without an audience. As we learned, you’ll have limited eyes and a perceived lack of authority. This works into why affiliate marketing is a major step for newer accounts because of the promotion of a trusted product.

Lastly, the book covers selling strategies and social tools for twitter analytics. You are going to want to see what tweets are engaging and whats actually doing well. You can’t get better if you don’t know what’s working and that’s where these tools come in.

This book is an extensive first step in how to get Twitter off the ground and make money. It has plenty of pictures and examples to help carry you along. The book is large at 75 pages but it covers A to Z for the basics and then some. If you only read this one book, you’ll be able to get your twitter looking nice and have a good idea about affiliate marketing but it goes into so much more detail.


This step 2 in our 5 step guide. Book 1 covers the setup and affiliate marketing and this is about finally making your ebook. “The Perfect ebook comes from a merge between passion and a lucrative Niche” (Hero Journey, pg.5), and isn’t that the truth? Combine what you like and what sells and make a book; he even gives a list of high demand topics!

We see what good fonts are (Helvetcia or Calibri) and creating the table of contents. We learn about cover art and using Gumroad. Next, how to maximize our discovery on Gumroad. Hero Journey could just list off how to make an Ebook on Google Docs, dust his hands and call it a day but here he is with continued value and commitment.

From there, we learn how to sell it and collect Emails (more on that in a bit) as well as the sales pitch of AIDA and other methods that work to sell the book. You’ll learn about pricing, pre-sale as well as special offers.

Once you’ve mastered step 1, move onto this, and start your journey to making your own product to sell. This is not as detailed as the first book but Hero Journey can’t write your ebook for you so this is exactly what it needs to be to get you going.


This is the Email collections book, an obvious next step to selling and getting more business. Since we’re on this third step and have a Gumroad account, we’ll be using that.  We learn what LEAD MAGNET and LANDING SITES are. Next, we learn how to gather all those emails and create a newsletter to send out to our members. Hero Journey goes over:

– How to compose an attractive email
– What sells
–  The Strategy

He makes it clear that there is effort to be put in but there is automation on the back end, so that’s a plus. If you’re on book 1 and you’re just creating your twitter and getting to look attractive, this book is a step too far. This is where the deep end comes in and you may feel over your head because you haven’t affiliated yet, you don’t have a product and certainly don’t have a list of emails within arms reach. So, I would hold off on reading this book till you’re up to speed, or else you might risk feeling overwhelmed and drop off before you even dropped in. Like I said, use these books as steps. Finish and master one then move onto the next when you feel you’re ready.


Words That Sell goes over Copywriting; a skill that’s in demand. Copywriting is essentially a written sales pitch. Its an advertisement and if we are selling on twitter, we better learn how to do it. Heck, even this review is a form of copywriting.  This book goes over how to get in the same head space as your audience and build more authority and authenticity.  You will learn to create buzz for your product, what it can do, and what it can’t. You will also want to use urgent messaging.

Some strategies include:

– storytelling
– Return on Investment (ROI)

Overall, this is a short guide and that’s all it needs to be. Copy is not difficult once you get the hang of it and this book certainly helps.


Tweet and get Seen is the finish to what the first book starts. This is a detailed review of writing engaging tweets. We want to be seen, our messages heard, our links clicked, and out products bought.  You will learn lists, formatting, and what’s called 2×3 (that’s 2 sections of 3 points). It’s all about readable content in digestible bits and it is very helpful.

The checklists are useful and good as a reminder of what you’re supposed to do. I would not suggest ignoring them as you get one for each of the major points in the course. 

Overall Thoughts:

There is a lot of value in this. The first two books alone are worth the Basic Edition price. Everything else here is extra but that is not without fault. There is almost too much content. If you were to go from no twitter or a basic twitter to reading all these books right through, its information overload. Hero Journey lists the books as chapters but they really are stand-alone products. You will get them as individual files.  I would not suggest reading them right through. Instead, just work on one at a time and capitalize on all the valuable information that’s in each one. They will still be in your Gumroad library, you can always go back when you’re ready to move on or need to refresh. This ebook at any price point is worth it, even if the book that’s included in the enhanced edition is minor, it is worth the price. If you wanted the consultation, that is also an option that seems temping if you wanted to go that route and something I would be in favor of if you wanted it.

Final Rating:   5/5


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