How to Make Money on Twitter

How To: Make Money on Twitter by Lion Investor

Price: $12.50

Length: 47 pgs

Overview: How to Make Money on Twitter is another beginner’s guide to branding and proper twitter adoption. The book is clean friendly and easy to read.

The Lions Share

@Lion_Investor gives good-nature and comprehensive tips for the people who are new to money twitter. Like other reviews I’ve done, Lion Investor goes over the basics but does in it a detailed manner. He makes the analogy for example that all this is a tree and your twitter name and handle are the roots. He further goes onto say that our tweets are akin to the bricks a fortress.

These are positive and powerful examples that I feel help tremendously for someone just starting to take the leap into money twitter and their respective path to financial freedom. I think I’ll just call them the big 3: Name, picture, and bio.

Lion explains the importance of a niche and not being hyper-focused to the point where you lose potential followers. He also goes onto explain the importance of quality over quantity; your followers matter. He cannot stress that enough and I am inclined to agree with him. He also goes into the importance of tweet schedules and threads. However, there is one place where Lion shines and that is in the “hustles” section.

A Lion of Gold

How to Make Money on Twitter goes into 3 hustles: Gumroad, Cryptocurrency, and precious metals. It’s not dropshipping, its not phone repair, or vending machines but investments.

Gumroad has two sections, one for creating and the other for the affiliate. Pretty straight forward and in detail.

Cryptocurrency has an explanation of what it is and a few different exchange options such as Biture and Coinbase. He also explains how to go about trading and affiliation with them with included links

Brave Browser is another feature mentioned which is a chrome extension, rewarding you while you browse the web.

For precious metals, he talks about BullionbyPost, where you can get 1oz of silver for each referral purchase.

Lion Investor truthfully put some hard work and dedication into this ebook to help those in the UK and EU. What I like best about this book is both the price point and the fact it lists investments rather than trying to get a young reader to bite on a new skill.

These techniques are more passive and do not rely so heavily on the reader to master something right out of the gate to start creating wealth. The Brave Browser that was mentioned was the most passive of all. We all have the potential to make cryptocurrency while we do what we normally do online. For this, in my eyes, @Lion_Investor has made a genuinely great product.

If you want to check out “How to Make Money on Twitter” By @Lion_Investor, feel free to click the **AFFILIATED ** link below. If you enjoyed what you read, let him know. If you found this review helpful, I am grateful.

Rating: 4/5

– Affiliate Mindset

How to: Make Money on Twitter by Lion Investor


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