Engage Like A King

Engage Like a King

Author: AyAyron

What you get:  8 PDFs, 1 PNG file, 1MP4

Price: $45.00

First Impressions:  This is a rock-solid series that focuses on twitter engagement and how to take that to the next level. It’s all in-depth with examples and detail.


Make Twitter Your Kingdom

  There is a lot of ground to cover in this with 9 PDF files. Thankfully they range in size but they each cover different things so you will not feel bogged down by 1 guide that’s 90 pages long.

Engage Like A King (34 pgs)

We start off with the dreaded word “value” it is a bland nothing word but AyAyRon defines it for us and gives it a clear meaning. Value, in this case, is contributing constructively to a post. This is the first guide I have seen where value is defined.

This entire book is about how and when to provide a constructive tweet and it gets broken down for when we should:

– Comment

– Tweet

– Re/quote Tweet

– Like

I do enjoy how this is broken down because I have read other reviews where it’s just: “do X.”  This is our engage guidelines. Something that I can already see is going to be useful in our twitter journey.

We will learn to think first if we agree or disagree with the comment and what we can add. We can even disagree as long as it’s constructive and polite.

He goes a step further in explaining how to structure a tweet to which I can admit I was ignorant of when I first started.

Please keep your tweets short and to the point.  No one wants to read an essay in tweet form.  We want to aim for strong headlines and lists.

If we are new, AyAyRon suggests that commenting is the best way to get yourself out there because let’s face it if you have 50 followers then maybe 5 of those 50 will see it, then you can do the math, the odds of engagement are low. So as he suggests, we need to be proactive in growing our account by interacting with others. His suggested ranking is:


Then NEVER straight quote somebody else, as in, take their tweet as your own original. It’s just not good practice. This is about adding value and being relatable.

A lot of different people have different structures for engagement. I think AyAyRon has the best because of a smaller balance.

20 comments then 5 of everything else. Then unlimited likes. He then goes on to break all those down with explanations and a sample of how your timeline should look.

The bottom line and the big rake away is just to show up every day

Craft Tweets Like A King (31 pgs)

Now that AyAyRon has shown us the importance of commenting and engaging, it is time to get the tweets down with headlines and structure.

Use Keywords, be direct. Tweet about your subject and provide some insight or bit of information. The structure is important which is explained. Again, no big block texts.

Click here, buy now, those are our call to action. It is us wanting our audience to do something. Again, there are plenty of examples for you to see and read.  Then there is a section about headlines and keywords to get maximum attention.

So, how does that get us likes and engagement; by being relatable or motivating. However, it is important to note that you should put your own spin on things.

Brainstorm Like A King (17 pgs)

This smaller PDF gives us examples of where to get our ideas. From Youtube to Blogs and various categories. Everything is broken down into sections with examples of what you could use as long as you do not copy. I will not be going over every category or sub-niche.  Feel free to check this section out on your own.

Attention-Grabbing (10 pgs)

This is a break down of what we read before. This goes over Keywords, shocking terms, and direct terms. In this subsection of twitter words like:


Are attention-grabbing keywords

With direct terms, you are speaking to someone rather than just the general audience. This will bring out a personal response. The last one I’ll go over is shocking. We all know shocking:

“You won’t believe this!”

“How is THIS legal?”

Furthermore, you could ask your audience to engage with questions and make them feel included.

Make People Engage (14 pgs)

Everything we learn up till now is going to help us get exposure and get people to engage.  I am going to cover the three secretes that AyAyRon gives us. As of right now, if we are doing everything right we should have some engagement. I do not want to go over everything and give away what those secrets are in detail, however, they are helpful.

Tweet Templates (16 pgs)

This is more details about tweet structures such as headline, information, call to action, and etc. He has already gone over some but this is a bit more detail. He even tells you his favorite style that he likes to use. This works into the MP4 file where we can watch AyAyRon engage and tweet so you can check that out if you wish.

Analytics (15 pgs)

The analytics I feel is an extra bonus because it goes into that twitter function and explains it. He also talks about Followerwonk (which I don’t use) if you wanted to check that out. Pretty much, go to Followerwonk and craft tweets around your Follower’ keywords to gain maximum engagement.  

Lastly, the final two items are checklists so that you can stay on top of the engagement game and really tweet like a king so you can check those out for added value.

So, I feel you get a lot of rich content for $45.00. I feel this is all you need to learn how to tweet and engage with other accounts. This and one other product and I feel as though you are well enough covered to start making an impact on twitter. It is a lot of information but everything is broken down nicely and given its own section to breathe and be explored. This is a fantastic resource that I highly recommend.

You can check out Engage Like A King below with the ** AFFILIATE ** link. Please support AyAyRon and my self so I can continue to bring you this content

Engage Like A King

Final Rating:   5/5


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