Twitter From Scratch

E-book: Twitter From Scratch

Author: Fonso

What you get:  1 PDF

Price:  on Donation

First Impressions:  The guide is basic but informative and a good resource for newer users due to its donation price point.


Twitter From Scratch

Twitter From Scratch is another basic tutorial of entry-level Twitter. It is meant to help boost engagements and get followers to grow quickly. It starts with the profile picture, banner, bio, etc. It is about creating a personal brand that followers will accept and engage with.

You will learn how to clean up your bio for efficiency and what keywords work best within it.

Next Fonso talks about starting with a broader niche and then narrowing it down into specifics, that way your audience knows what you are talking about.  From there it is all about engaging and providing value, even if the value is a vague term that loses its meaning but the point is to engage and be active in the community. 

– 5 tweets
– 10 Q/Re-Tweets
Tweet structure is next and personally I find it to be the most important. Fonso points out that you can post:

-Short, simple sentences
– Lists
– “This or That”

He talks about creating a family, which I like. Create meaningful friendships with other users. Pretty much, just be yourself.  The part that I like comes when Fonso reminds us that Rome wasn’t built in a day. This can and will take time. The point is to stick with it.

This guide is pretty short and basic at only 27 pages. I think first time users will get a better understanding of Twitter and with the lack of complex detail, gives it a more user-friendly feel. The donation price point really helps new users who would be intimidated by pushy sales or higher price points. Even though the content is basic in my opinion, I feel it has its place in the market as a true beginner’s guide.

If you are new and reading this, collect the guide, see what its about, see if Twitter as a monetary skill is right for you and THEN I suggest picking up a more established book to further your understanding.

Final Rating:   4/5


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