E-book: Ten Commandments of Affiliate Marketing

Author: Aff Coach / @theaffcoach

What you get:  2 PDF

Price: $27

First Impressions:  A good baseline of how to affiliate links and become an effective marketer


Aff Coach introduces himself to us and tells his humble story of starting with a small following, growing, and how it is possible to create income with affiliate marketing and covers the basics of affiliate marketing.  After that, he jumps into the ten commandments. They are very simple rules to follow if you are going to affiliate market as to not burn bridges and get blocked.

It is the basic things that newer accounts will not know. They things like, not spamming or putting links into comments without permission.  I don’t want to go through every single one because that is the entire book and I don’t want to give the entire book away in a review but you will learn a fair bit about the etiquette and process of marketing to help get you sales and overall eyes on your profile. If you affiliate for a larger account, you can get eyes on you from retweets from those larger accounts.

One thing I want to talk about is commandment 4. That commandment is focused on DMs and I feel it is worth talking about on its own without compromising the content of the ebook or this review.

Always be thankful and courteous. Be sincere, you do not want to go in for the hard sell. Aff Coach gives us examples of good and bad DMs and I want to tell you about the bad DM. The example given was a straight up-sell and it comes off as predatory and we do not want that in the community. A good example is pretty much the inverse of this. It is something that I wanted to bring up because few ebooks go over the etiquette of DMs and their importance.

Aff Coach goes into great detail with each of his commandments such as being honest and only promoting what you believe in. I can tell that Aff Coach put a lot into this book because he is telling us to be honest and sincere in our sales. In fact, I believe this book is more important in regards to being a better member of the Twitter community than it is being an affiliate marketer.

If you are a new account or new to affiliate marketing, The Ten Commandments is a wonderful starting place. It is not just learning to market, it is about building good habits and creating strong connections with your honesty.  I feel that is where a few accounts go wrong in my opinion. We get eager to make impressions, make sales, and achieve the goal of making side money that we may forget to that these are people too and not just faceless sales.

The second ebook is just a small introductory list of different accounts broken down by their niche that the reader could look into. It is only three pages but it a welcomed addition.

I feel as though Ten Commandments is an OK value at its price point. I feel as sale would make it more attractive but it is certainly worth owning and reading for its place in the affiliate marketing branch of ebooks. It makes a great companion for a few other more robust marketing ebooks. It a well-defined niche and message. The Ten Commandments of Affiliate Marketing can serve as a fine learning tool for the ethics of twitter and selling.

Final Rating:   3/5


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