Too Much Money

E-book:  Too Much Money

Author:  DividendCultivator

What you get: 3 PDF + 2 videos

Price: $19

First Impressions:  this ebook is informative and has a ton of value.


PDF 1 – Too Much Money (66 pgs)

Right off the top is our introduction.  Dividend Cultivator tells us right off the top that he tried a few things and they didn’t work out but what IS working for him ( and myself, full disclosure ) are dividends. I am already endeared to the author because that’s a level of honesty that we don’t always see in ebooks or creators.

We start off the book proper with more honesty; why we should start now. For the author, it was a medical reason. I have a few myself and personally know that my working 9-5 lifespan may be shorter than 60-65 years. So, that’s why we should start now because we don’t know when the unexpected happens. So let’s start making cash flow.

So next is what Dividend investing is not?

It’s not sexy, youtube friendly, Lambo’s and mansions. It’s old, dirty, and dusty yet reliable because we are investing in reliable companies. See the Warren Buffet quote, inserted.

What are Dividends and Why do Companies pay them?

Cultivator puts it as simply as he can: Dividends are CASH paid to shareholders because they have “too much money.” It ends up being more advantageous for the shareholder to reinvest that money than it is for the company.

Increase Income in a Few Steps

In this Cultivator talks about EFTs ( index funds) because that way you don’t have to pick and chose. However, they don’t give great dividends. Then he talks about the Yield verse the NAV.  He then talks about a broker ( he recommends Schwab )

Married and no kids? Create a taxable account.  This is about money generation, not retirement.

So how do we improve? We buy some good growth dividends.  That’s where good growth, yield, and management come together. That way you get consistent dividends that grow over time.

This brings up a quantitative approach to finding what’s going to be a good stock to buy and one that will beat the rate of inflation. From this, you’ll learn about Digrin and Finbox, tools to help you with your investing journey.

The Important Dates

The cultivator explains to us a few important dates.

Pay date: the day you get paid

Date of record: The day YOU must own the stock to get paid

Ex-Dividend: The day before. The Date of Record. AKA, the last day you can buy into the stock to get paid

PDF 2 – Copy, Twist, and Spin  (19 pg)

Copy Twist and Spin is Dividend Cultivators’ journey and process of making an ebook. This is him telling us to write what we know about. We need to write, promote, and repeat the process.

The videos that Dividend Cultivator has are brief overviews of Digrin and Finbox. They are short and straight forward.

Lastly, we get a list of stocks to hold. Most of them are REITs. Cultivator says that REITS are what he knows so that’s what’s there.  It is well worth a look to see you might be interested in.

I am a big fan of this ebook. I like that things are broken down and I enjoy the honesty of the author’s journey. I feel that if you are reading this and that you are new to dividends, its worth checking out. The price point is there. The value is there and the information is there.

Final Rating:   5/5


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