Dividend Investing

  Dividend Investing

Author:  Dividend Seeker

What you get: 1 PDF

Price: $25

First Impressions:  simple to understand and beginner-friendly


Dividend Investing.

We start off with a quick lesson about what the stock market is; the DOW, the S&P, and NASDAQ, which just track some of the bigger companies on the stock exchange. Those are the major three out of the near five thousand. There are other big players like the Russell and even international but those are the major US indexes.

From there we’ll read about Dividend stocks and they have traditionally outperformed non-dividend stocks, as well as the rule of 72 ( a formula to figure when you’ll double your investments.) This is followed by learning about yield, the market cap, and the payout ratio. We will want stable ratios if we expect stable dividends.

That brings us to low, medium, and high yield stocks as well as EFTs and REITS.  Dividend Seeker uses Starbucks ($SBUX) as an example of dividend growth. All this revolves around DRIP, the redistribution of a dividend into the stock.

Get dividend -> use the dividend to buy more stock.

Its a repeating and compounding process to get more dividends.  Dividend Seeks also shows us how to analyze a stock a few pages ahead of this. We’ll learn a little bit about dividend aristocrats, EFTs, and even Warren Buffet.

This book is 50 pages and it goes by pretty fast and has some great knowledge in it that truly is beginner-friendly.  The end even comes with recommended reading. The main take away is that the portfolio should be made up of diversified and stable companies. This is not to get rich fast, it is to build generational wealth and Dividend Seeker will help get us there.

Final Rating:   4/5


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