How to Write & Sell Ebooks

E-book:  How to Write and Sell Ebooks

Author: Hustle & Conquer

What you get: 10 PDF

Price: $ 27

First Impressions: invaluable tip and process breakdown on how to create ebooks



why should we write ebooks? Because its 95% profit, with no inventory. These are the true words from H&C. 

The first book promotes one thing- just write. Write what you know. Write what you’re good at. Write to solve a problem. If you need inspiration to just start making ebooks, this is for you.

H&C introduces us to niches, which he covers in another PDF but they are: health, wealth and mindset. 

Pick a category, sub-niche it down and make a google doc.

That’s it.  That’s the hard part, done. 

You could look up search terms on engines like buzz sumo or get ideas from best selling amazon books or even youtube. 

Next, make a cover and upload onto a platform like gumroad. Of course,  theres more than that but those are the main points without giving too much away.


This pdf focus is more of the formatting of the ebook.

Larger 16+ font

Basic colors

Bold heading

No fancy styles

Left aligned ( I like center, sue me )

But for your ebook, use left aligned. Oh, and use portrait mode, save a headache.


Evergreen is a list of popular ideas that can help make you money in those 3 categories I mentioned earlier. Definitely check this section out for solid ideas.


This is only a few pages and gives you tools for headline and writing tips. If you arnt a strong writer, check this out too.


The remaining pdfs deal with Instagram and pinterest which don’t fit into the confines of this review for ebook success but they are important for marketing strategies. I have no personal experience with either platform and cannot accurately speak about them.

However, for me, I view this as pure bonus content and if instagram or pintrest interest you, check out the tips H&C gives

Final Thoughts:

I feel that Hustle & Conquer has created a staple for Ebook creation. The main book plus all of the interest and Instagram content contained within give this ebook tremendous value. This ebook should give confidence to all who read it that they too can create a viable niche and creative space to generate income.

Final Rating:   5/5


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