Stock Market Gems

Stock Market Gems

Author: Chris Johnson

What you get:  2 ZIP files & 4 PDFs

Price: $40

First Impressions: A large price tag but we get a near 2-hour webinar and a glossary of terms with quizzes.  A fantastic beginner guide.


The main attraction of this course is the zip files, that total roughly two hours in length. The PDFS are supplemental resources that I will not be covering in-depth but I will give an overview.

Risky Covid Strategy

The covid strategy is buying companies that have taken a big hit from covid with hopes that they will return to normal by using a 20-day moving average to figure out what to buy and when.

SMG Resources

This is just resources of named books and videos that Chris mention in his webinar for you to check out and they are all labeled and organized.

Common Issues

Is just that, the videos are roughly 2 hours and you will need space on your phone if you are viewing it on your mobile device

Investing Terms

It is a glossary of terms common to investing and trading complete with quizzes and answer key at the end. Very useful information and great for learning these terms.


Chris welcomes us and gives us a bit of background and he will be with us the entire time speaking as he goes along.

We start off learning what a stock is and its IPO.

so why buy stocks? In essence, Chris explains that these companies are smarter than us and they know better how to manage our money as it is in their best interest. What is even better is that some companies pay dividends, as they pay YOU just for owning their stock and that creates passive income.

With this investment, there are 2 types of investing:

1. Capital, which is buying a stock with the intent on selling later

2. Cash flow, buying a stock for that passive income boost

Chris then breaks down Trading vs. investing for us

Trading can be riskier for example and it looks for a higher cash return


the longer, more compounding results of investing.

As Chris says, the stock market continues to go up even if it dips down, it will eventually go up. To this point, Chris will show us how to read and look at stock charts with an in-depth analysis and shows us different brokerages to buy stocks.

We will learn why stocks move up and down due to supply and demand according to public desire, opinions, and other factors.  Next, we learn where to find company earnings and financial reports (such as earnings whisper.)

To continue with our lesson on why stocks move, we learn that they only go up down and sideways (check out Stan Weinstein.)

Chart Breakdown

In this section, Chris explains the “hot and cold” factors od a company relative to is strength indicator. With the breakdown, Chris shows us how and when to buy and sell. 

As you’ll see, its BUY at the 20-day moving average and SELL when it falls below that average.

Chris will contradict himself with a small section on riskier picks but I would suggest just sticking to his system rather than going against his system, even though he dives his thoughts onto why the risky investment is a move to make.


We start part 2 with a cautionary word about buying high and selling high. Pretty much, it’s a warning to stay away from the hype and just keep looking at the market and the 20-day average. Chris will give us links on how to keep the charts in the stocks to make sure we are up on the average.


Again, dividends are money that a company gives to you for own a stock. Dividends are given out for as long as you hold the stock and as long as the company gives them out.


Real Estate Investment Trust.  A REIT is a company that operates real estate and generates income from it and will give out 90% of their earnings. It is a great way to get involved in real estate without the traditional real estate headaches.  We then learn what qualifies a company as a REIT and their different sectors.  


 Essentially a bond is an IOU. Such as when you buy a bond, you lend the money to the government for them to pay you back at a later date with interest. Chris then gives examples of them and stocks that deal with them.


It is a type of mutual fund that handles one sector or the biggest stocks to invest in. The way I see it, an index fund is like invest in the strip mall rather than the individual stores in that mall. You get exposure to all the stocks in that portfolio rather than having to buy all those individual stocks.


It is better to buy on price dips than just investing all in one chunk because those price dips add up.

Chris then shows us how to buy stocks in real-time and explains market and limit order to close out his stock market tutorial.

There are roughly 2 hours of material covered and I briefly reviewed it for the sake of not giving away the course for free. However, Chris wants to break his material down as if we’re young and just have no idea and I really enjoy that because it assumes, we are here to learn and he never made me feel as though something was over my head or foolish or condescending in his explanation.   

As of right now, Stock market Gems is $40. That does initially seem a rather high asking price to me but you do get a lot of content and bonus content in the form of terms, resources, and quizzes. So overall, it ends up being a fair and balanced price point for what you get. However, I would advocate getting this on sale or buying one of his bundles as the content to price point ratio is much better.  

As of this review, he is running a bundle sale for $50. If you can grab that for $50, then you’ve made a great investment in your money.

So, did I enjoy this; very much so. I already know a bit about the stock market from my own experience and other resources that I have reviewed but if you are looking for something where the author goes through it with you, Chris Johnson is the one for you. He talks with you and explains everything point by point. That is a big positive in my book that he is right there and you can take your time to listen to him as he reviews the PowerPoint.

For someone with little to no experience, I feel this is an amazing resource and if you have the $40, then buy it, own it, you’ll have it forever and it is something that can always come back to but it is important to stick with his system and his advice I believe to minimize any potential loss.

This is a very popular course on Gumroad and Twitter and I can see why because Chris cares and takes the time for us to understand and helps us better ourselves.

Rating 5/ 5


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