Gum Road To Riches

E-book:  Gumroad to Riches

Author:  Lion Investor

What you get: 1 PDF

Price: $5

First Impressions:  An excellent resource to learn how to launch an ebook



Lion Investor starts with a tough truth id you’re new to ebooks and that’s: Make the first one free. It’s the notion that your first book should be that risk-free trial into your work. On top of that, it should be well polished. It’s going to show quality and character and lets people know that going forward, you’ll have good content.

He continues by saying that we should create a high-level overview of what the product will be PRIOR to launching. This in turn will build up an email list for free.  Once you get your free product going and you get your emails then you can launch the paid product with competitive pricing.


High value summary? Check

Competitive pricing? Check

Discount… code?  Yah, we can check that off the box too. We want to reward those that started with us on preorders.


Now that the priced product has legs, we can learn how to put that mailing list to good use by scheduling emails with a call to action. We want to start converting some clicks.


After we get the sales, Lion Investor suggests we start affiliating people to help us sell our product with generous commission. Lion investor is one of the few people who promote a higher commission rate than the standard ( of 50%).  This can be followed up with a bundle package to further increase sales with deals and promotions then finally optimize workflows.

Final Thoughts:

This is a complete start to finish pocket guide to launching an ebook and one I don’t think anyone should be without.  At $5, its something to have on hand as a reference as you’re going along and something that you will always have with you. Lion Investor takes care in his work and gives you the information you need to know.

Final Rating:   5/5


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