E-book:  Insider Hacks to Money Twitter Author: Hustle & Conquer What you get:  1 PDF (95 pgs) Price: $50 First Impressions: large cheat sheet that goes over nearly everything in money twitter Review: Insider Hack feels like a cheat sheet.  Hustle & Conquer has a few accounts and what he’s done to make them successful.Continue reading “INSIDER HACKS to MONEY TWITTER”


E-book: Ten Commandments of Affiliate MarketingAuthor: Aff Coach / @theaffcoach What you get:  2 PDF Price: $27 First Impressions:  A good baseline of how to affiliate links and become an effective marketer Review: Aff Coach introduces himself to us and tells his humble story of starting with a small following, growing, and how it isContinue reading “10 COMMANDMENTS OF AFFILIATE MARKETING”

Twitter From Scratch

E-book: Twitter From Scratch Author: Fonso What you get:  1 PDF Price:  on Donation First Impressions:  The guide is basic but informative and a good resource for newer users due to its donation price point. Review: Twitter From Scratch Twitter From Scratch is another basic tutorial of entry-level Twitter. It is meant to help boostContinue reading “Twitter From Scratch”

Twitter Cash Flow

  Twitter Cash Flow by Hero Journey What you get: 5 books + 5 checklists Price: $45.00 (Basic Edition), $55 (upgrade), $95 (Premium) First Impressions: Stunned and blown away by the value of the basic edition. The “Gumroad” edition has an additional book ($55) and the Premium ($95) comes with a consultation with the creator.Continue reading “Twitter Cash Flow”

How to Make Money on Twitter

How To: Make Money on Twitter by Lion Investor Price: $12.50 Length: 47 pgs Overview: How to Make Money on Twitter is another beginner’s guide to branding and proper twitter adoption. The book is clean friendly and easy to read. The Lions Share @Lion_Investor gives good-nature and comprehensive tips for the people who are newContinue reading “How to Make Money on Twitter”

The Affiliates Playbook

The Affiliates Playbook by Hoke Hustle I have seen it a lot. You have seen it a lot. “The Affiliates Playbook” by @Hokehustles. Everyone touts this product as the very thing that has launched their affiliate marketing career and has even inspired me to write this review.The goal of this product review is to breakContinue reading “The Affiliates Playbook”